If you own or manage a restaurant, chances are you have a website but you’re not using it in the best manner to help you dominate competitors, cut cost and increase profits.
Follow along while I ask you a few questions to help you see the true value that lies untapped but available to you via a simple email marketing plan.
It doesn’t matter what kind of restaurant you have, these questions should help you understand how you can grow your business and increase profits.
I’m sure you are already aware of the fact that 9 out 10 people who walk through your door and eat at your restaurant have internet access and are likely use the internet on a regular basis. And you can probably count the number of people you know, who don’t have an email address, on one hand. With that said, let me ask you these questions:
What if you could send every one of your customers a special email (maybe a coupon) every single week of the year, with just the click of a button… at what if it was sent at your customers request, In other words, your customer voluntarily gave you their name and email address along with permission to contact them anytime you have a “restaurant special” or “exceptional offer” you think they should know about.
Do you think that would help encourage customers to come back to your restaurant more often, Might that even help you to build a loyal following of regular customers,
How much money do you think you could save every month if you were able to send your customers an email versus having to spend money paying for paper, printing and postage to send something out by regular mail, A couple thousand dollars a month, Several thousand a year,
Do you have slow nights at the restaurant, What if you were to send your customers a discount coupon, good specifically on those nights of the week when business is slow, Do you think that might fill some empty seats and increase overall sales and profits for those nights, And if you sent a new coupon every week, do you think that maybe, instead of coming in only once or twice a month, some of your customers might come in three or four times a month, Wouldn’t that help to add a few dollars to the bottom line,
And if you could send your customers a survey to ask… “Are there any items you would like to see added to the menu that we don’t currently serve,” or “We’re considering adding one of these new items to our menu but we wanted to ask our customers what you preferred before making the final decision… which would you prefer,” Ask them to print the survey and bring it in with them for a free item or drink in return for their help!
Let me know when you’re ready because I’d love to join your “Preferred Customer List” so that I too can get special discounts and have a chance to win one of those free dinners or bottle of wine you give away in that drawing every month!