I have a friend at work that eats constantly. He stops at the donut place every morning, calls out for a huge lunch, is always at the snack machine and yet he is as skinny as a rail. I hate him! Why is it that some people can eat everything in sight and never gain weight while other people can just look at food and get fat,
I really wanted to learn the answer to that question since, unfortunately, I’m one of the second group. One day, I ran into my friend at the snack machine (where else,). I asked him how he could eat so much and never gain weight. He answered with one word – metabolism.
He told me that, for some reason he doesn’t understand, he has a very high metabolism. His body burns calories at a faster rate because of this. At first, this just made me hate him more. Why couldn’t I have a high metabolism,
Then I remembered something I read awhile ago about a weight loss program that tricks your body into boosting your metabolism. It was called Calorie Shifting. I went online to do a little research and what I learned was fascinating.
You eat four meals a day, not three. And I’m talking normal sized meals, not these mini-meals you see advertised. You eat different meals at different times. You don’t eliminate any food group and you don’t starve yourself. When you shift your calorie intake this way, your body can’t get used to any one pattern of eating. Your body gets confused and tells your metabolism to speed up. You start burning calories and losing weight quickly.
Then I read something that blew my mind. You have to stop Calorie Shifting for three days every two weeks in order to slow down your weight loss! During those three days, you can eat just about anything you want. You can even have your favorite Applebees menu calories and not worry about gaining weight.
Even with these three “cheat” days, you will still lose about 20 pounds every three weeks! The best part is that, since you’re eating healthy and not eliminating any food groups, you can continue Calorie Shifting for as long as you need to achieve your weight loss goals.
Once you understand the details, Calorie Shifting may be the weight loss answer you’ve been looking for. Imagine eating what you like and still losing weight. Maybe now we can all be like my friend at work.