Have you ever eaten at a restaurant and vow you will never eat at that restaurant again, If this has happened to you, it is an annoying experience. Since, the restaurant dining experience should be enjoyable, and you should have pleasant memories once you leave the restaurant. If you ever had a bad dining experience, this article will help you eliminate some bad restaurants in the future.
When you arrive at your selected restaurant, look at the landscaping and the overall appearance of the outside. If you see damage signs, dead bushes and cigarette butts strewn on the ground, this might be a sign of neglected areas inside as well.
The restaurant you selected should not have a musty odor. It should smell fresh, or have a delicious aroma that would create the sensation of wanting to eat here. Fishy, smoky and moldy atmosphere is your clue to bypass this restaurant.
When you enter a restaurant, look around the restaurant, and check for damages to the ceiling, stain carpeting, faded painting and dirty floors. A good restaurant owner would want to make sure the interior looks good. If the interior provides an un-kept dirty appearance, you should question what is going on in the kitchen.
Assess the restaurant personnel when you arrive at your dining table. Does the waiter or waitress have an unpleasant mood as if they do not want to be here, Your waiter should be upbeat and eager to help you with your order. If they are uninterested in providing you with good service, it is possible that your dining experience will not be a good one.
The first thing you want to do when your waiter or waitress arrives at your table is order a glass of water. Restaurants normally do not charge for water so you should be able to receive a glass with no problems. Inspect the glass of water when you receive it. Look for finger marks on the glass, lipstick smudge and floaters in the water before you drink any of the water. If there are no problems with the glass, sip some of the water. Water that has a bad taste is a sign that you should not order from the establishment.
Dining at a restaurant should be an enjoyable experience. If you can determine the level of service prior to dining, this will ensure you meal is what you expect every time.