When it comes time for your destination wedding to take place there is nothing that is going to make your big day more special than solid planning and execution of those plans. Part of your planning will include what you will do for entertainment at your wedding ceremony, reception, or even your cocktail hour. Of course it all depends on the theme of your party, but if you go the way of so many people these days you will go with a tropical wedding and nothing sets the tone for these types of local weddings like a steel drum band.
Of late I have had a ton of people inquiring what makes a good steel drum band for their tropical weddings. Whether planning your beach wedding on the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico, or elsewhere with no water near by, obtaining an excellent steel drum band play at your party will give you the feeling of being whisked away to a tropical island destination. Here is what to look for when conducting your research:
• Dependable Band Manager,
The most important factor to think of when acquiring a steel drum band for your tropical wedding is finding a band manager that is accountable, will return your inquires quickly, and most of all, will have a demeanor that will get along with yours. You need to get a good feel for the entertainment manger immediately and that should start with some e-mailing. E-mailing back and forth allows for a written record of your discussions and will give you a basic idea of how responsible the band manger will be in answering your concerns. If you get a good vibe through e-mail then the next step is to make a phone call to the band manger and set up an appointment to discuss your intentions and see if the steel drum band you are dealing with will be able to deliver. Remember, you are hiring a more laid back style of music and sometimes that means a more laid back group of band members, so it is important that you know what you are getting from the beginning.
• How well does the steel drum band perform,
You simply cannot get a decent feel for a calypso band unless you see them in action. The best way to do this is to go to an event that the steel drum band is performing at far in advance of your tropical party. This is your opportunity to see how well the band performs as well as what they sound like. Watch the main singer and see how alluring he or she is. There is no point in obtaining a boring calypso band no matter how good they are. If you can’t make it to one of their gigs, see if they have a video that you can watch and look for the same characteristics.
• What music does the reggae band play,
Be sure you obtain a list of songs from the band manger so that you can look over what the reggae band performs. Remember, their idea of what they like to perform may not be your idea of what you want to hear at your local wedding and Caribbean music can vary somewhat from Calypso to Reggae to Soca. It is also a great idea to see how the band feels about playing requests both before the wedding and at the wedding event itself.
• Band Credentials,
It is important to find out from the venue where your destination wedding will take place exactly what credentials will be mandatory from a band that may play there. For example, some places will command a reggae band to have a $1,000,000 certificate of Liability Insurance and also carry workman’s comp. Once you find out what the venue’s requirements are, ask the band manger to produce the papers you need ahead of time. This will deflect any issues from forming and potentially ruining your special day.
• Price,
I talk about this last for a reason. While in today’s tough economic times it is always great to save a few dollars where you can, be careful cautious of this when hiring a reggae band. If you go bargain basement in price you will most likely get an inexperienced band with very little experience or one that is less than responsible. Saving money does you no good if the calypso band you hire is late to your tropical wedding event. This is not to say that you have to go with the most expensive reggae band, but you do need to thoroughly do your homework. When it comes time to pay be sure you get it in writing. Industry standard is a 50 percent payment up front and the balance is usually paid on the day of the event. If your tropical wedding is going to be outdoors be sure to put it in the contract a makeup date as you never know with Mother Nature.
A good calypso band can be worth its weight in gold and can make your tropical wedding party be a smashing success. Hiring the right steel drum band for your big day can have you and your guests doing the limbo, making a huge conga line, and creating memories that no one will forget as long as they live. Your wedding day only comes once in a lifetime, so make the most of it by hiring the right steel drum band for you.