As health insurance remains a heated topic of debate for individuals, families and politicians across the country, it’s important to not only think about the grand plan for the future, but also know what you can do on a personal level to get the protection you need. Every state will have different regulations, options and resources, and that holds true for finding affordable health insurance in Florida as well. Below, you’ll find a collection of resources and ideas so that you can begin your search for either individual or group insurance in Florida.
The website for the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation is a good place to begin a search for either small business insurance in Florida, or individual health plans. Their website offers searchable databases for health rates, comparisons by county and more, as well as tools to make sure companies and agents are licensed.
From there, you can also turn to the Florida Department of Financial Services and their website to continue your search for affordable health insurance. Florida companies who offer guaranteed approval for health insurance, companies who offer group insurance plans and discounts and more are available in lists with contact information and other pertinent details.
Don’t forget that the state of Florida also offers the Florida Kid Care program, offering all children and teens across the state affordable health insurance. Florida families can provide health insurance for their children from birth through the age of 18 with this program, which offers a number of options, payment plans, programs and more. No matter who you are, where you work or anything else, using this program you can make sure your children are protected. Learn more about Florida Kid Care at .
Of course, in addition to the above outlets, you’ll also find a great resource from the federal government available at Here, you can simply select Florida as your state of residence, and then choose your situation, fill out a few basic details about your circumstances, and get potentially hundreds of potential insurance rates and quotes.
Remember, you’re never alone when you’re shopping for affordable health insurance. Florida residents can use any of the above online resources to get rate quotes, compare potential options and learn more about what to expect. Then, when it comes time to narrow down your choices and make a selection, consider turning to a licensed Florida insurance agent who will ensure you save money and get the exact plan you need.