Special events managers are the people who help to coordinate events for a variety of purposes. They may focus on non-profit agencies, large companies, private individuals, or weddings and parties. The usually are the ones to find and reserve the space for the event, decide on catering and activities, determine the type of decorations will be used, and gather any equipment. These roles will vary depending on the type of event management the individual is performing and the occasion for the event. If you are interested in becoming an event manager, here are some steps you can take.
First, you will want to have a degree in a field related to management. You many opt for a business management or focus on a specific type of management depending on what your school has to offer.
Aside from education, the next most important step to take is to get experience before you try to join the working force as an event manager. Find out if there are sporting events or other special events going on at your school that you can volunteer to help organize. You may even be able to find a paying gig of this sort if the school allows work-study programs. This is the entry-level experience you will need to build your resume for after graduation.
If you are not in school or if your school does not allow students to assist with events, find other venues to peddle your services. For example, local bands are always very willing to allow new event managers to assist them in booking shows, distributing information, and gathering more fans. This route may not be the most financially rewarding, but the experience is invaluable.
After you have some experience on your resume, try to intern with an event planning company in your area. If possible, intern with a company that specializes in your desired field, such as wedding planning or corporate events, but do not get discouraged if that does not pan out. The most important aspect of any internship is the contacts you will be making in the industry.
From there, begin looking for actual jobs in the field. The volunteer work, education, and internship will provide an impressive resume for any special event management position. However, if you are having difficulty finding work, it may be helpful to meet with a staffing agency. The work they provide will be temporary, but it will develop contacts and help you to make a name for yourself. It may even turn into a full-time career.
The most important thing to remember is to not get discouraged. Every job entails starting from the bottom and working your way up. As you build a clientele and word of mouth spreads, your success will increase exponentially.