Thousands of women every year look to methods of getting rid of facial or body hair that they do not want. While both laser treatment and electrolysis are beneficial methods what is important is what the individual is looking for. Here are some questions that you must ask yourself when trying to decide between the two methods:
– How much money can you afford to spend on your treatment,- How much time for visits are you able to commit to,- Are you seeking a pain free method or could you cope with a method that involves a certain amount of pain,- Are you seeking permanent results or would you be happy with temporary ones,
Electrolysis involves more discomfort than laser removal and it can be time consuming and more invasive in nature. When you have this procedure done only one follicle is focused on at a given time. In order to completely be hair free in the area you want it can take as long as eight to 10 months.
You will have to have treatments once or twice a week to start but the frequency decreases as time passes and results become evident.
This method is somewhat painful because a tiny, metal probe is carefully inserted into the individual follicle. The probe releases an electric current or electric charge that goes right into the root and destroys it. The three main kinds of techniques used include thermolysis, galvanic and a blend which is a combination of the two.
Laser removal makes use of a light that is absorbed through the skin and from there, into the follicle. This absorbed form of light then changes to a heat source and from there is able to affect the growth of the follicle.
This procedure does not take months to work because it is able to focus on hundreds of hairs at once as opposed to only one at a time. For this reason it is more effective for larger areas of skin than smaller ones.
One of the biggest downfalls of laser removal is that it works best on those with coarse dark hair as opposed to those with lighter and finer hair. Those individuals who have dark hair have a pigment in their skin known as melanin.
Melanin is very effective at drawing in the light of the laser. Those with red hair or suntanned skin do not tend to have very much luck with this method either. However advancements are improving the way the laser works all of the time.