Great Ideas For a Fun Backyard Camping Event

Backyard camping is one of those events that most families enjoy. Camping out, roasting marshmallows over a camp fire, and spending a night under the stars can make an unforgettable backyard camping event for the entire family. Here are some ideas to make sure camping in your backyard is the most fun possible.


Visit the library or bookstore for books regarding camping activities before announcing that you will be camping in the backyard. There are many books available in the market today that include new inventive tips on how to cook over a campfire. Included in the books are also tips and games for your kids to enjoy backyard camping more. This is also a great way to introduce camping to them for the first time.

Tent set up

Having a tent is good, although it’s not completely essential. Kids have been known to enjoy making forts, and just a little creativity, those universal blue tarps can be turned into a great tent. Sleeping bags are fine, but they are not completely necessary. Blankets, duvets or comforters can do the job, as long as the temperatures at night stay warm enough. An inflatable mattress can also make the kids comfortable.

However, if you have a tent ready, setting this up must be done on an area that is flat, dry and free of stones and tree roots. A good place for the tent would be near an entrance or in a direct path to an entrance to the house. Let the kids participate in the setting up process for this would get them excited and they would eventually look forward to more traditional outdoor camping.

Before evening falls

Take advantage of a hot day before it gets dark by playing board games outside such a ‘monopoly’ or water games like ‘battle ship dip’. This is an exciting way to get the evening of the backyard camping started. Kids enjoy games involving water wet and it’s a fun way to cool off on a day that is hot.

Camp fire and cooking

If your location or place allows it, you can build a campfire and cook over it. An outdoor camping grill can be used for cooking if a campfire is not possible in the backyard. Hotdogs and hamburgers are the all time favourite for camping. Try using foil packs in the fire to try out something different. Layer the potatoes (thin sliced), seasoning, meat and vegetables in the foil, wrap and cook over the fire. Once done, don’t forget the marshmallows!

Enjoy movies

Using a long outdoor extension cord, a small television can be place inside the tent for the entire family to watch movies. Kids love watching movies outdoors! Popcorn and s’mores can be nibbled while watching movies.

One of the best parts of camping on your backyard is that your home is just few steps away. Younger kids who are not used to sleep outside can easily make it back to their rooms if the need arises. Most of all, if the weather turns bad; you can immediately find a room in your house and clear it out to continue the fun indoors.

Source by Mark S Myers