If you are thinking about branching out into the world of food service and getting ready to set up your first establishment, you need to compile a restaurant opening checklist to make sure that you do not miss anything during these vital stages. Extra preparation now will really pay off when you open the doors, as when the pressure is on you do not want to be thinking about fundamentals, but rather focusing on daily operations.
Assuming that you have already picked the theme for your business, one of the first items on your restaurant opening checklist should be menu compilation. As you determine your recipes you will need to establish the real cost of the food and decide upon the exact specifications for your kitchen equipment. Certain types of food will require specific types of equipment and you should gauge the likely demand for each before you go out and buy or lease the gear.
To operate efficiently any business must be orientated and laid out correctly. Your floor plan should be designed on paper to ensure that you have the most efficient flow of traffic to maximize potential revenues. Make sure that you have the maximum number of tables, but that they are laid out so that guests may come and go without any feeling of constraint and so that the staff may do their work efficiently.
When marking off your restaurant opening checklist, make sure that you have a comprehensive business plan attached. If you have completed your layout, menu, equipment and floor plan, then you need to present your business plan to your stakeholders. These could be other investors, the bank or anyone who has a vested interest in your success. Make sure that the plan is comprehensive and sensible.
Do not underestimate the amount of time it will take for you to break even in any business. When getting ready to head out on your journey, make sure that your restaurant opening checklist includes a sensible and workable financing plan. You might have to wait up to one year without turning a profit in this business and during that time your cash flow will come under close scrutiny.
Don’t open the doors to a new restaurant without ensuring that all your paperwork is adequate and comprehensive. Your restaurant opening checklist should have copies of your professional licenses and any state, county or local code regulations that you need. This is a heavily regulated business and you will find that any noncompliance will get a lot of adverse publicity for you, which you need to avoid at all costs.
When you are set to open any business you need as many friends and advisers around you as you can. You also need to find solid, reliable contractors and you should set up these relationships before you actually need to employ their services. Time is everything and downtime in a restaurant is very problematic, so your restaurant checklist should have names and direct phone numbers for those organizations.
Every business needs publicity and you must have a comprehensive marketing plan. There are a number of highly qualified and skilled, specialized consultants online who will help you to develop your marketing plan and ensure that your restaurant opening checklist is well-prepared.