The Coast is Clear – Jump In!
Marinas and other boating related businesses in Florida’s Panhandle area are reporting greatly depressed sales. This is very frustrating for many business owners in that area as the effect of the oil spill has thus far been minimal.
What is even more frustrating is the fact that it has depressed the boating industry in many other areas of Florida where there has been absolutely no sign of oil. Not a single tar ball related to the oil spill has washed ashore outside of the Panhandle area. The vast majority of Coastal Florida remains oil free. However many businesses throughout Florida have reported cancellations or changes in plans related to boating activities. This is really a shame and can only be blamed on the uncertainty and lack of clarity about the quality of the water brought on by an overactive news media.
On the bright side for many years the planet has some how found a way to withstand and even bounce back from much worst oil spills. For example in 1991 Iraqi forces purposely spilled over 500 million gallons of oil in order to slow the American invasion. The slick was four inches thick and covered 4000 square miles of ocean. Today with virtually no help from man the area is recovering with sand beaches being the area that have best recovered. Imagine how much quicker the area could have recovered if helped by man. Similar stories like an oil well explosion in Mexico in 1980 in which over 100 million gallons of oil was spilled and went on for a full year. In 1994 over 80 million gallons were spilled in Russia in a leak that lasted for eight months before it was finally noticed and repaired. In 1979 90 million gallons spilled after an oil tanker collision during a tropical storm in Trinidad and Tobago. The list goes on and on. Somehow Mother Earth has managed to find a way to deal with these disasters. Instead of pointing fingers of blame it is time for us to all band together and give Mother Earth a helping hand to clean up this latest spill.
In the meanwhile come on water’s fine in Florida. Have you noticed on many of the maps predicting where the spill will go that the West Coast of Florida and Tampa Bay remain completely untouched, While no one knows for sure what will happen in the days to come I think we should remain very hopeful that not just Florida’a West Coast will be preserved but the vast majority of Florida waters will retain their beauty. Beginning early this year we have noticed an increase in boating activity despite the oil spill media frenzy. If your dream is to own a boat, don’t postpone that coast is clear – jump in!