Mobile phones have evolved into today’s Restaurant Guest Pagers. A clean and cost effective alternative to traditional Guest Pager Systems. Restaurant Cell Phone Pagers (also know as restaurant text pagers) are the latest innovation for in guest pager and reservation systems designed specifically to enhance the guest experience while they wait while lowering the restaurant’s operating costs.
Restaurant Text Pagers
The evolution of the mobile phone from the analog bag phone of the 80s to the slim down digital flip phones of the 90s to the 4G web enabled smart phones of today is simply a remarkable example of technological improvement and value. Whether you have a feature phone or a smart phone, the fact is you also a restaurant text pager. Yes, that’s right, if your phone can receive a text message or even a call, it is now a restaurant cell pager or hotel cell pager for that matter, depending upon whether you are lodging or dining. web hosted restaurant cell phone pager system send a text or a voice message right to your guest’s cell phone. In other words guests have their own personal restaurant text pager. They can customize, modify and mobilize it! When their not waiting for their table they can use it to make calls, play games and even get directions to their favorite restaurant (GPS). Now that’s pretty remarkable for a guest pager!
Restaurant’s no longer need to invest in costly restaurant beeper systems and guests no longer need to handle dirty coaster pagers while they wait. Restaurant text pager systems are a cost effective, technological advancement whose time has come, particularly during a recession where every dollar saved is a dollar earned. No need for a capital investment in a pager system or the need to replace guest pagers that walk out the door with your customers. According to the mobile phone industry 9 out 10 Americans carry a restaurant text pager (cell phone) with them every day.
The Guest Experience
Why wouldn’t a restaurant not want to manager their wait list, increase their table turns or confirm reservation by simply texting or calling a guest’s restaurant text pager directly, Guests find their restaurant text pagers fascinating and convenient as well as versatile, they can be used as phones to stay in touch or to surf the web, to find out the next movie time or to message a friend or play one of a 100,000 apps, all while they wait for there seating message. Scott, a GM of a Chilis in Massachusetts, commented “It works great and guests love it!”
Can your restaurant beeper system do this, Furthermore, Restaurant cell phone pagers are customer friendly, guests can continue shopping, go to the bar or wait where they are most comfortable, without worrying they might be out of range. Thanks to the iPhone the future of the restaurant cell pagers is here today.