This is a short walk-through for those who are still new to Restaurant City or wish to learn more on how to get the most out of the game. If you do have any comments, kindly leave us a note.
For Beginners:
For those who only beginning to play Restaurant City, there will be a few things that you have to keep in mind. During the start of the game, level up is pretty easy and do not simply spend your money on decorating your restaurant just yet. Use the cheapest furniture you can effort and work your way up from there.
1. Rule number one, always visit your friends and neighbor. The reason to this is to get free one time ingredient when you first visit them. If you have a large collection of friends who play this game, then good for you as you will get a lot of free ingredients during your first time into the game.
2. Easy Money No. 1, yes visit your friends and helping them with their restaurant will provide you with a bit of money. Not much, but still enough for you during the first time into the game. (You might like to clean up your friends’ restaurant if you can. There is a lot of litterbugs out there it seems)
3. Easy Money No 2, shake the trees around your restaurant and also your friends restaurant. You might be surprise of how many coins you can gain, but this does take a lot of time.
4. Help water your friends garden, not much credits, but still since you are there might as well do it.
5. Do not be selfish, send out gifts to your friends. They will return you the favor. Since now that Restaurant City provides free ingredients, it will be rather useful during the first few levels of the game
6. After coming out from being a newbie in the game you might like to find out how to make your restaurant work more efficiently.
7. Restaurant arrangement: The best arrangement for the game is to make it into a rectangular or square shape for your tables and chairs as seen on the picture below.
8. As you can see, my restaurant is made in a way that my waitress is in the centre and my chef is outside with the customer. Reason to this is to allow the waitress to do their job more efficiently and not wondering around the wrong side of the restaurant.
9. The more efficient your restaurant is the higher the customer rating is. This is to determine how many customers will visit you during the course of the game. Keep the customer happy and they will come back to visit you again and again.
10. Dishes: Serving the correct dishes is very important in this game. For the high level the dishes is the more coins and experience you will gain. If you just started in playing this game, just focus in leveling up 1 dish for every category. Even when you have unlock the mode to allow 2 to 3 dishes to be serve (Maximum of 3 for Starters, Main, Dessert and Drinks), pick only one and that one you pick must be the highest level in the whole list.
11. Why I am asking you to do this is to prevent your customer to order low level dishes that slow down your money flow and also your experience.
12. Staffs/Workers Arrangement: During the beginning of the game you will be presented with 1 chef (mainly you of course) and 1 waiter/waitress. One chef can usually handle all the dishes during the beginning of the game while the rest of the staff can be assign as waiters. Do not put anyone as janitors until you obtain the level to install toilet seats.
13. Once you reach to a stage that you have 9 workers like all seasonal players, then you will need to assign 4 chefs, 4 waiters and 1 janitor (someone still need to clean the toilet, so pick someone you really love for that job)
14. Just spend a bit of money to allow your workers to work 4 hours at least. Do not need to monitor them until it is time to come back and give them more motivational food.
15. You might get bored keep looking at the game if you monitor your workers for 4 long hours. However I would advice to login 30 minutes before your workers passed out due to over-working here. You might notice their performance drop as soon as they hit 2 hours of their counter. You do not want to be a bad employer or they might report you to the union.
16. Trades: If you are lack of an ingredient, at times your friends and neighbor might have what you need. So either make a call for our help or just visit any of your friends restaurant.
17. Keep in mind, check through your friends menu before making a trade! You do not what to trade wasabi for flour. This is just plain stupid as your friends will not trade with you for such low value ingredient. So play smart when you do trading. Give what people want and people will give what you want. This is a give and take policy.
18. Know your Ingredient: After you visit all your friends and family you will stop getting free ingredient. From here remember that the game sells different ingredient every day.
19. Do not go for anything that is over 3200 or above unless you think it is worth it. Usually flour, water and high demand ingredient is worth getting as they can be use for trading later. Do note that thing you can grow on your own in the garden is not worth buying. This is the sort of ingredient that people have abandons off.
20. One last note of course, please do remember to login at least once a day for 3 times in a row as Restaurant City now provide 3 free ingredient per-day. This are free stuff, do not let it go to waste.
21. Another thing to take note is that every once a day you will get a quiz for free ingredient, do try to remember the answer as most of the question is repeated. This too is free ingredients for the grabbing.
I hope this walk-through help as I have been playing this game for months with help from my friends.