There are many uses of Facebook events for a company. We have seen many times how useful Facebook events are for companies. We are excited to explore the events application and share how Facebook is now reaching beyond the online event to create a larger network for companies.
Companies already have the opportunity to make events on their Fan Page. When looking at the home page for your company’s Fan Page, the events link is on the left hand corner. When you click this link it comes up with a timeline of events created by your company. The link you click to create a new activity is in the top right-hand corner.
There are several boxes to be filled out when creating an event. Title, Time, Location, Description, and Picture are the main items. Street address can be added for a more direct location. There are also options on who is allowed to post and who views the guest list that can be checked or unchecked.
Sadly, Facebook only allows for fans to be “updated” about the event (this goes to an update section that is almost unnoticeable by users). To actually send an invite where fans are notified of the announcement on their personal profile it mush come from a personal account. This requires the event creator to be friends with everyone that they wish to invite to the event (though the event is still shareable to everyone, as long as the event settings are set that way).
A good Facebook event will have a featured photo that is unique for the event. This allows for event recognition when a person encounters event promotional material outside of Facebook. A catchy title, with a user friendly location and time will also promote a large turn out and create a reason for people to share the event with their friends.
The truly unique thing though about Facebook events just came this week though. Facebook events will now allow for people who are attending the event, to check-in on their mobile device at the event. This not only shows up in the user’s timeline to show that they are attending the event, but it also allows for other attendees to connect with each other. It also allows for the company to see who actually attended their event (though currently not everyone would check-in once they get to the event). This gives a company the ability to loosely determine how effective their advertising was (should it be an event large enough to not personally know all attendees).
Facebook seems to be in a continual state of update, however this one seems to be an update for the good. Will the new event check-in feature be of assistance to your company,