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Free Webinar: The Secrets of Market Timing & How to Profit from Anomalies

March 18 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

… (while everyone else is asleep at the wheel)
Watch now and learn *exactly* how to build passive income from real estate investment, so you could retire early, build *real* passive income, never have to go back to work again and even leave a legacy.

Join me…

Terry Lee Records

Hi, I’m Terry. I’ve been helping people with their real estate dreams for more than 30 years, with over 3500 transactions and 350 renovations. I’ve earned national awards and am the author of two books: “Should You Rent it? Flip it? Or Run?” and “From 5k to 6.5 Million, You Can Too!” (1st Q2019)., but it wasn’t always so rosy… as a single mom of two small boys, I learned how learned how to take a small inheritance (less than what it would cost to buy a used car) and grow it into considerable wealth with over 100 rental units and more! Learn exactly how…

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Topics that will be covered:
• 3 Phases of the Real Estate Market Cycle.
• How to Identify what “Time” it is in your Marketplace
• When is the best “Time” to Invest?
• When should you get out of the real estate market?
• Is it “Safe” to invest now?
• What are Market Anomalies and how to identify them.
• How to Profit from Market Anomalies while everyone else is sleeping at the wheel.

Terry Records