Lake El Salto is one of the most famous locations in Mexico to practice the sport of bass fishing and we can certainly attribute this to the amount of Florida largemouth bass we can find! Over the last years the state of this lake has only gotten better and better like most Mexico’s lakes the fisheries management program has been a total success providing always healthy and big bass to catch.
El Salto is located at 550 feet above sea level, in the foothill of Sierra Madre Mountains and you can reach it half an hour after arriving at the Mazatlan International airport. The lake covers a total area of 27,000 acres at fool pool.
This is a lake that is open for fishing all year long, although it is better to visit it between November and June when the temperature is not too high and rain fall less. However, even in late summer you can find excellent fish that will certainly make your Mexico bass fishing trip worthwhile. Thanks to the presence of tilapia and shad, the strain of largemouth Florida bass can grow a lot and we are talking here about plenty of 4 – 8 pound bass.
Bass in EL Salto -and in all Mexico in general – is pretty aggressive, so be sure you are bringing the equipment needed for the job in your trip.
If you are worried about accommodations in this lake, know that there is a lodge ready to welcome visitors all year long. Lake El Salto lodge is where you will be staying if you want to bass fish in this lake. Mexico lodges have certainly grown and now they provide excellent service for travelers and guests, with boats, experienced guides, delicious food and even the licenses you need to fish on the country.