How do you go about choosing your food, Do you just eat only what is in the refrigerator, Do you only yearn for snacks and cookies when you are hungry, When you are away from home, do you always look for the nearest fast food joint or restaurant,
While today’s’ eating habit requires speed and flexibility, you can still make a choice of nutritious food. You can still plan to eat well even when you are on tight schedule. Making wise food choices has become a critical issue. Experts are of the opinion that most families rarely eat their meals together on weekdays because most members have different work and activity schedules. In some homes only the evening meal is still a family affair. In some others, the whole family only gets together for supper a few times during the week.
Many meals are eaten away from home. People who do not have time to prepare breakfast may stop over at a fast food restaurant for a quick meal. Workers and student may also carry a sack lunch or buy their lunch in a nearby restaurant. For many snacks are just as important as meals. People may eat snacks just because they are hungry, bored, tense, or lonely, or just because they want to be sociable. Some persons eat almost continuously-at home, school, work, or even while shopping. Generally, you can eat your meal whenever you are, but nutritionist advised that people should plan their meal for the whole day.
Since snacking is very common, health professionals urge people to plan their meal for the whole day; not just for the three main meals. All the food eaten whether snacks or meals should be nutritious so the body could stay healthy and energetic. During the day you are responsible for the kind of food choices you make. Make it a duty to choose variety of foods that are low in calories and high in nutrients. Only then can you be sure of getting the nutrient you need for good health.