Let me first start by defining what a Florida FR-44 and SR-22 are and then we can decide which one you really need. If you got a DUI in the state of Florida most likely you need to file either an FR-44 or SR-22.
An SR-22 is a form used by insurance companies to ensure the driver is meeting state liability limits. Florida auto insurance companies submit this form electronically to Florida’s Bureau of Financial Responsibility for those drivers that are mandated to submit this proof of insurance. The state requires you to carry minimum liability limits of $10k in bodily injury per person and $10k in property damage. Drivers who are required to carry an SR-22 generally pay more due to the nature of the traffic violation. In addition to the extra premium for the offense you will also pay a $15 filing fee to submit the SR-22.
The state of Florida may also require you to file an FR-44 which is similar to an SR-22 only it has higher minimum liability requirements. The minimum liability requirements are ten times that of the states minimum requirements at $100k per person and $50k property damage. The cost to file the FR-44 is $15 just like the SR-22 but your overall cost to get insured will increase due to the nature of the traffic violation and the increased liability limits. This form is referred to as Florida Uniform Financial Responsibility Certificate FR-44 or just FR-44 for short. You must maintain this filing for three years but there are no driving restrictions associated with the FR-44.
Now that we understand what each type of form is and the requirements each possess let’s look at which one you need if you are convicted of a DUI in Florida. Effective October 1, 2007 Florida Statutes increased the required liability insurance for bodily injury in those circumstances where a person has been convicted of driving under the influence. Basically if you have been convicted of a DUI after such stated date you will need to file an FR-44 Form instead of an SR-22. The only difference between the two forms is if you were convicted of a DUI in the state of Florida it now requires higher liability limits on your auto policy.