Though the divorce rate in the US has been seen to be coming down over the years, the fact that Florida continues to have the highest incidence of divorce cases is cause for worry. The statistics tell the whole story. Florida has a rate of 5 divorces for every 1000 individuals and it is very likely that for a population of about twenty million, this will keep going up significantly. It might even become imperative for you to check the records maintained at the Florida Department of Health in order to ascertain that your next acquaintance is not a divorcee.
This department at Jacksonville is very meticulous in maintaining more than twenty million records pertaining to marriage, birth, death as well as divorce. It has got records right from the year 1927 till date and you can get reports by just paying $5 for the first one and $4 for every subsequent one. In fact, the divorce records are pretty detailed and are indexed using the husband name.
In the event an individual has gone through multiple divorces, the report will show all of them, the only requirement being that they should have all taken place in Florida itself. You can also get access to other documents like the Divorce Certificate, the Divorce Degree and other court papers since these remain in the custody of the court clerk. However, you need to approach the clerk at the county where the marriage dissolution was formalized.
One more source of getting access to these divorce records in Florida is through the private providers. They also have records pertaining to all the States and what’s more are easily accessible through a single search option. Since there are no restrictions legally in accessing these records, it is best to retrieve them online due to the obvious benefits of convenience as well as speed.
There are a number of reasons for people to look for divorce records. They range from official to immigration to insurance requirements as all of them demand certified copies. However, the main reason continues to be that of somebody making a check of a prospective life partner and is often done in total secrecy.