Which is better, Disney World or Disneyland, I recently got the opportunity to visit both parks, so I thought I would share my opinions with you.
1. Convenience:
Disney Land is in the middle of a city. It is surrounded by and walled off from the hustle and bustle of Anaheim, CA. That means that it is surrounded by restaurants, convenience stores, and hotels. When I went to visit Disneyland, I was able to walk directly from my motel. At the end of the day, we simply walked back. Simple. Disney World, on the other hand, is nothing like that. It sits on a huge plot of land that is isolated from anything else. Unless you stay in one of Disney’s hotels, you are looking at a minimum of about 30 minutes driving time to get to Disney World from anywhere in Orlando. Then you must pay for parking, and it is usually quite a long walk from your car to get to the park because the parking lot is enormous! On convenience, Disneyland is the clear winner.
2. Variety
On the other hand, the fact that Disney World is on such a huge isolated plot of land brings benefits of its own. There is much more area to spread out in, and they can better create the experience of truly being in another “world”. Disney World has 4 major parks – The Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, MGM Studios, and Animal Kingdom. They also have some smaller parks and water parks, but I didn’t go to any of those.
Overall, I’d say that both parks are worth it. Disneyland is much more convenient, but despite that, I was totally blown away by the overall experience at Disney World.