Diving in Florida: The Keys
Go diving in Florida and you will be amazed at the range and different opportunities along its coastline.
Experienced people will appreciate that one of the greatest recognized spots in the world for scuba divers is the “Florida Keys”. It is on “The Keys” that you will locate Key Largo recognized for many years as “The Scuba Diving Capital of the World”.Once you see the immense choice of different dive sites and places to look at it is no wonder Key Largo is so well thought of. When you arrive at Key Largo you will find a huge variety of coral reefs, shipwrecks and caves.
The reefs vary from small and pretty to large and deep so there is something for everyone. Some of the wrecks are nothing short of spectacular. The Spiegel Grove was the largest ship ever deliberately sunk off the shoreline of Florida and takes several dives to fully explore.
As you go through “The Keys” you can also find good scuba diving in areas such as Islamorada and Marathon but in reality the next region you would want to take a trip to would be Key West.
You will discover that Key West has it all. By that I mean there is lots to do and see out of the water as well as in the water. This colonial area has some of the most terrific nightlife you are likely to experience in Florida. You will be dazzled by the views of the setting sun but even bigger dazzled as the region under goes a change and the streets come alive with street entertainers.
All of “The Keys” have long been known as a well-liked destination for any serious scuba diver but Florida has so much bigger to offer.
Diving in Florida: Miami
Travel north from “The Keys” and keeping to the eastern coastline and you quickly reach the world famous city of Miami. Visit South shore and you are in for a treat with coffee bars, shops and Art Deco. But what many scuba divers fail to realize is that Miami has an artificial reef program that has developed some very unique diving sites.
Where else would you find an underwater bar or some Army Tanks! Part of a publicity stunt the Jose Cuervo Bar can be found not far from the coast as is a local charm for snorkelers, divers and Miami marine life.
If you are thinking of scuba diving in Florida then Miami is a terrific alternative to “The Keys” with a great choice of dive sites as well as some unique dives of interest such as Army Tanks and of course when you are not in the water there is just so much to see and do.
Diving in Florida: Fort Lauderdale
If Miami is too busy for you, travel further north on the Atlantic coastline and you arrive at a terrific region for visiting and diving in Florida, Fort Lauderdale. This gorgeous area is acknowledged as “The Venice of America” and it is easy to see why it has come by this description when you trip the waterways and see all the boats of various shapes and sizes.
Many areas across Florida are not known for their scuba diving and Ft. Laud is yet another place full of dive sites for both novice and experienced divers.
Diving in Florida: West Palm Beach
Continue north up the Atlantic coast and you find another hot spot for diving in Florida, West Palm Beach. Great dive sites fashioned as part of its artificial reef program has seen West Palm coast scuba diving expand over the years with new and old sites evolving and maturing.
For example. Governor’s River Walk Reef was developed with not one, but three, individual ships to create an extensive and exhilarating dive site for experienced divers to explore. West Palm is proud of its artificial reef program and like many other locations around Florida it continues to invest and increase the number of scuba diving sites available off the shoreline of Florida.