DESOTO COUNTY, Fla. – The dog found dumped in a trash bag in DeSoto County was euthanized Wednesday after veterinarians found a cancer growth.

The older dog was found severely malnourished in a trash bag in DeSoto County on Monday. The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office said deputies are now looking for the person responsible for dumping the dog.

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A detective took the dog to DeSoto Veterinary Hospital, which is where veterinarians found cancer, DCSO said. Because of the cancer’s advanced condition and the dog’s severe malnutrition, veterinarians at the hospital said she wouldn’t recover.

The detective was with the dog, who was called “Momma,” when she was humanely euthanized, officials with the sheriff’s office said.

The DeSoto Veterinary Hospital has received dozens of calls wanting to donate to “Momma’s” care. Staff at the hospital are trying to set up a fund for future animals needing emergency care for anyone still wanting to donate.

You can contact DeSoto Veterinary Services at (863) 993-9924 if you want to donate. DCSO also said if you or someone you know is having trouble caring for their animals, call DeSoto County Animal Control or any nearby animal rescue or veterinarian for assistance/surrender.

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