One of the most difficult marketing situations for any company is an audience that wants to avoid large companies. If you are a large company, you could have something excellent to offer, but if you seem too corporate, you’ll just get passed by. In order to appeal to hobbyists, you have to understand their hobby and mold your presentation around their tastes.
Step 1: Understand The Audience
Having a successful convention experience in this type of setting requires that you understand what you’ll be seeing. You need to understand the typical visitor in this case more than in virtually any other situation. Entering this market for the first time can be difficult because it can almost be a culture shock. If you are exhibiting at an anime, sci-fi, or other themed convention, you can almost certainly expect people to come in costume and expect a very informal environment.
If you are attending a coin or stamp collection event, you should expect the opposite. Collectors of these items tend to be more reserved, and are more interested in discussing relative value and trading. In this environment, a more corporate presentation is likely to be well received. The key is to understand whether your hobbyists will be reserved or exuberant.
Step 2: Plan Your Trade Show Displays Accordingly
Once you know your audience, you can start to adjust your convention presence. You don’t need to purchase any additional portable displays, although you might choose to invest in new banner stands if you find yourself particularly lacking in convention spirit. Depending on the state of your current trade show displays, you may simply choose to add emphasis with lighting, or include some new content as needed. Keep in mind what your audience wants to see and plan accordingly.
Step 3: Add Banner Stands As Needed
Even if you consider your actual exhibit to be ideal for this particular convention, you may want to incorporate banner stands. These inexpensive additions can personalize an exhibit, especially if that exhibit was designed with a completely different audience in mind. When designing new banners for the upcoming exhibition, don’t hesitate to make them appeal to a niche audience. They are inexpensive yet professional, durable, and a strong tool for attracting visitors to your booth.
Step 4: Hire Staff With Care
The final step is to ensure that everyone on the ground at your trade show displays can present the right image to potential visitors. At a minimum, you should ensure that your staffers know about the actual hobby, rather than just your products. They need to be able to discuss the field with visitors and have something to say about it. If you are hiring extra staff, see if any of them might be independently interested in this particular field. If so, then you should consider that a major bonus.
Bringing It All Together
After you have examined your presence and selected your staff, it’s time to actually enjoy the experience. Themed conventions can be some of the most fun, even if you’re not accustomed to them. Let yourself absorb the atmosphere. Take time to visit some of the other portable displays nearby. Even if you don’t see anything that interests you, you’ll be better prepared to have an even more dynamic presence next year.