If you are a lover of beer you can attend the palmary Minsk bars and cafe offering their visitors beer made pro rata to the old-time cookies. Here are the well-known pubs among beer lovers. The top ranking in the capital brewing their own beer is Rakovsky Brovar. They boil 4 kinds of beer and at times they boil the special one (for Christmas – dark beer). Here are the addresses of that line cafe:
– Pub restaurant “Rakovsky Brovar” – Vitebskaya str, 10;
– Salodky Falvarak cafe – Maxima Tanka str, 4, and also Nezavisimosti avenue, 37.
One of the most popular sorts of beer is Biver. Biver is the most prevalent beer from craft breweries. This beer has been made for a long time and it has 3 types: light beer, unfiltered beer and a dark unfiltered beer. This beer is proffered at the following restaurants:
– “Staroe Ruslo” pub restaurant – Ul’yanoskaya str, 7;
– “Pivnoy Priboy” pub – Moskovskaya str, 20;
– “Staraya Melnitsa” bar – Nezavisimosti avenue, 78;
– Stary Gorod restaurant – Bogdanovicha str, 19;
– Starye Tradicii restaurant – Nezavisimosti avenue, 57;
– Pinta restaurant – Komsomolskaya str, 34.
The most arduous brand of beer is Gilford. Gilford line includes 4 types – Light, Dark, Original and Light Light Beer also it has a separate class of Novy Nesvizh and Pane Kahank. in compliance with to the foretime Gilford beer appeared when Radzivil was in Germany and saw a brewer. Certainly prince tasted the brewer’s beer and fetched him to his castle in Nesvizh to make beer. The brewer’s name was Gilford. You can sample that glorious beer in “Novy Nesvizh” restaurant Olshevskaya str, 10.
In addition you can go to Yamajka club wich has it own brewery Birbank. Birbank include 5 sorts of beer, at the same time usually available only 3 – Light, Dark, Semi-dark and smoked. Served in the places:
– Sport-bar 5:0 – Olshevskaya str, 10;
– Pizzeria “Pizza Tempo” – K. Marksa str, 9 (near the railway station). This is a extremely well-known pizzeria insomuch as of it convenient location next to the railway station and its Early Hours of work (8:00 am);
– Pizzeria “Pizza Tempo” – Nezavisimosti avenue, 78. The selfsame address as “Staraya Melnitsa” bar.
Undoubtedly everyone knows about Alivaria beer. It is the oldest Belarusian brewery. Here some restaurants where you can taste this brilliant beer:
– “Minsky-brovar” restaurant – Kiseleva str, 30. You can degust the unfiltered beer in one’s tracks from the factory, this is not anywhere else (notice: it is really bub);
– “Alivariya” bar – around the corner from the Minsky Brovar. Wonderful pattern of the worker-peasant pub, with relatively uncostly beer.