For the Chinese community in London and across the globe, Chinese New Year is the greatest festivity of the year.
As there are infinite Chinese culture lovers in the UK, New Year celebrations in London has great importance. This year there’s a whole host of amazing events and activities in the capital all set to attract millions of people from all around.
Chinese New Year 2011 in Central London:
For a special blend of traditional and contemporary entertainment, Trafalgar Square is the place worth a visit during New Year Celebrations ’11. Long-established dance, music, dragons, lions, acrobatics and firecrackers, the square shows off plenty of original things from China.
Whereas Chinatown bursts with elaborate decorations, exotic food and lion dances. At the same time, Shaftesbury Avenue engages some aspiring artists with sheer talent.
More Chinese New Year Events in London:
Most of the capital’s popular restaurants extend their menu list with copious China’s elites and few of them host special events too. As the amount of restaurants taking part in New Year celebrations in London is too large, you’ve to check individual restaurants for details.
Momentous museums such as Victoria & Albert London mark a day with hosts of free activities.
About Chinese New Year 2011:
Chinese New Year does not have a fix date. Each year the lunar and solar calendars are referenced to fix the date. Every year any one of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac represents the Chinese calendar. 2011 is the year of the rabbit.
In the days prior to the New Year Eve, people all over clean their residences, buy new outfits and cut their hair. A festive meal is held on the Eve with dozens of time-honoured dishes often accompanied by exquisite fireworks and firecrackers.
This year 3rd February is the fixed date but most of London celebrations would take place on 6th February. Celebrations at Trafalgar Square and Chinatown are free to attend so enjoy Chinese New Year 2011 in London!