Are you moving to a new city or for a short-term trip, Have you booked your hotels, Booking a hotel for a month or more can be an expensive decision and therefore, renting a furnished apartment seems to be a cost-effective alternative for your stay.
It is nearly impossible to find a house which exactly matches with your dream house. Little adjustment may help you find a decent place for living. If you are in search of a furnished rental apartment, then the below mentioned checklist will help you find a suitable accommodation for your stay.
1 Cleanliness: There are chances that someone has been living before and the furniture and appliances are not new in the apartment. The primary thing is to see whether the apartment is clean or not. If the things are kept untidy and are dirty, then it may not be the place you are looking for your stay.
2 Home Appliances: Check whether the home appliances like stove, refrigerator etc is in good and working condition. This will help you have an idea whether the apartment is well-maintained or not.
3 Extra Benefits: Check out for the extra benefits you are getting from your apartment on rent. You may get the facility of gas, water supply, heating, wireless internet and other amenities. So, choose the one which is offering the maximum benefits to make your stay more pleasurable.
The above things will definitely help you find the right deal for your short term stay in a new place. In addition to above points, you must check whether the apartment has proper lighting and enough space for you to relax on Sunday evenings.