It’s sad really and at the same time… Not sad.
Remembering things from when I was a kid and knowing you can’t go back. While at the same time you remember that you are in a different place now both in life and literally on the other side of the planet. Things change but it’s nice to remember the good times.
My biggest moments growing up weren’t really BBQ. For me, the most common moments were being grounded.
When I wasn’t grounded, I was probably down south in Florida visiting some family or my dads friends who moved back and forth between Florida and Massachusetts. Both my dad and my dad’s best friend Jim are fanatic food eaters. I’m sure I got my eating habits from the both of them but god kept them fit and blessed me with a big ass.
For the love of all that is good, I cannot remember even one name of the restaurants that we used to go to in Florida but the barbecue places were more than just about food. Places now are all about Smokey Joe’s Smoke Pig Pit or Fatty Smokers Smokery and so on. It all seems so commercial. Even now when I dream of one day opening a BBQ Restaurant I imagine trying to mimic what was so good about the places down South. But that was never the point of Barbecue places back then. I was reminded of this on some TV show I saw a few months ago about the top 10 BBQ joints in the USA. One was in Texas. The owner was very emotional about the success. All she wanted was for people to enjoy her food and they do.
The more I think about those times and those eating destinations the more I think what was so great about them was that they weren’t trying to mimic something. They made some of the best slow cooked food you couldn’t even dream up if you tried. It was cheap and there was more food than you could eat. They did this because they just wanted to feed people and have a restaurant. I can’t imagine they were trying to get rich while serving the amount of food at the prices they charged but year after year they remained open.
I don’t own a Smokery or a Fatty Smoke Smoke Smokehouse. I just love feeding people and hope they enjoy it. Here is to people who have taken it to the next level and can feed people every day.