Giveaway events are perhaps one of the most ingenious things ever invented. The reason is because for the first time in Internet history, average individuals can now build their lists like gangbusters without having to pay for traffic. It is rather senseless to pay for traffic when you don’t have to pay for it, especially if you’re on a really tight budget like so many marketers are. Why pay for traffic when you can get it for nothing,
These events allow for marketers such as yourself to not only gain subscribers, but also new customers and build lasting relationships online that could benefit you and your business. A matter of fact, these types of events are a great start to your sales funnel because they are a quick way to get people introduced to your business as a whole. The more subscribers you have, the better it becomes for you and your business.
That is why they’re so popular. They account for probably more than half of the traffic generated to online business sites. So it is no longer just the search engines taking all of the credit for generating so much traffic. The giveaway events themselves do a pretty good job at it too.
When a marketer holds one of these events, what he or she does, is they tell all of the other marketers to submit their gifts to the event before the event begins to take members. That way, all of the contributors are lined up and all of their gifts are submitted before the launch date.
Then what happens is that the giveaway event goes live and people can sign up as members and download gifts till their heart’s content. What this means for the marketers that are involved is bigger lists and possible money in their pockets.
There are always giveaway events going on these days, and if you do a search on Google, you’re bound to find a site that lists these events for you so that you can either sign up as a member, or contributor.
If you sign up as a contributor, just make sure that you first read all of the rules and regulations because some of these giveaway events may have certain rules that you must follow in order to submit your gift to them.
Giveaway events help many people to build their businesses, and their subscriber lists. That is why so many of today’s top marketers join them and run them. These events are very profitable both for the contributors, as well as for the owner of the events themselves. Even for those who just sign up as members benefit too because they can get tons and tons of free gifts that they might have to pay for otherwise.
Giveaway events make for great lead generation tools because rather than worrying about PPC campaigns, you get to build real traffic by people signing up for your list.
These events are excellent ways to get highly targeted traffic to your business because people visit these sites and they can get exactly what they want for free.