When doing internet marketing and to have JV partner is fantastic. Both parties could be highly benefit when the all of you are having a JV event such as JV giveaway event. Just to make sure everyone knows what I am trying to share, I am going to briefly explain what a JV giveaway event is. A JV giveaway event is where a few internet marketers to join venture and help to grow the list of the members who are involve in the event. To put it simple, this event will help increasing the size of internet marketers list with the power of combining other internet marketers list.
Each of the JV giveaway partner will be giving out at least one free product to attract new people to sign up for their list on the squeeze page. The JV giveaway partners will all agree and inform to their list via Email on the launch day to promote the giveaway product. And the most important factor which will determine whether the event is a success or failure to you would be your giveaway gift. In order to expand your list, you giveaway gift should be attractive enough to make people to join the event as a member.
There some formula or guidance for you when choosing your giveaway product. If you want your product to be stand out and feel really attracting, you might one to try following the below guidelines.
No Outdated Product
The first thing that you should not be doing is to give giveaway product which is either outdated or people who are no longer interested to the topic. Instead of giving out things that people are no longer interested towards it, you should be giving something which has valuable information in it and at the same time valuable.
Attracting Graphic
Using high quality graphic to attract people is also a very good strategy that you should follow. Human beings often judge an item with their appearance as first impression, and this is where you should target them. You graphic should be attractive and giving out the feeling of interesting to the audience. It is also important that your gift have at least some element of uniqueness in it.
Call to Action Sales Page
Now you have capture their first impression and make them slowed their speed to browse around the internet. Next you need a great sales copy which will give them the signal to sign up for your giveaway product. The technique you need to use to attract them to sign up for you product you will require a “smart” and “attracting” title. The next thing you need to do is to change your regular sales letter call to action button from “Buy Now” to something like “Sign up Now” or things like this.
Remember to Follow Up Your Subscribers
After you had succeeded in acquiring new list subscriber, you will have performed follow up. In order to maintain them into category of active list, you will need to do at least a couple of follow up. You can also maintain your subscriber with a personal way of communicating as well as keeping them up by continuing providing them valuable bonuses. Giving out additional things as bonuses has become a culture of the current market. Subscribers are expecting real bonuses. It is wise to giveaway genuine bonuses than some cheap product or affiliate links.