Piloting planes, helicopters, and other types of aircraft can present many challenges to new and seasoned pilots alike. The need for ear protection and a high sound quality is paramount, though, for pilots. Comfort, durability and noise reduction are also factors to consider before investing in your next aviation headset. Some of the leading manufacturers of headsets include Bose, David Clark, LightSPEED and DRE, but with so many manufacturers, products and models available it can be difficult to choose the right set.
Since 1994, Rugged Aviation has produced headsets of high quality at a fair price. For around one hundred dollars, pilots can purchase the DRE 1000 headset featuring noise reduction by up to twenty-four decibels, comfort ear seals and a three year manufacturer’s warranty. Perfect for student and new pilots not looking for a huge investment, the DRE 1000 headset features quality audio components for an affordable price.
David Clark has been in the aviation industry for well over fifty years, producing high quality aerospace technology. It’s no surprise then, that David Clark headsets are the standard in aviation and there are many models to choose from. The H10-13X model in particular offers electronic noise reduction, a wide comfort headband with reduced pressure and 9 volt battery operated power for up to twenty-five hours. At just under six-hundred dollars, this headset is a bit pricier but its durability and comfort are the added value.
If Cadillac’s could fly, their pilot’s would surely don Bose headsets for their superior sound quality, noise reduction and comfortable fit. For over twenty years, Bose has been delivering top notch headsets to the aviation community. The Bose A20 headset is the manufacturer’s latest model and brings way more to the cockpit than just the standard. This headset also boasts auxiliary audio input with Bluetooth phone connectivity. At around one thousand dollars, the Bose A20 is certainly pricier; however, the manufacturer offers a risk-free thirty day trial which can make all the difference when wading through the vast array of aviation headsets on the market in search of the best.
LightSPEED Aviation offers similar headsets to Bose, with noise reduction quality as well as Bluetooth technology for added freedom of communication. In addition, Lightspeed’s signature headset, the Zulu model weighs in at only 13 ounces, for a lighter more comfortable fit. For around eight hundred dollars, LightSPEED can save Pilot’s a few hundred dollars while at the same time providing similar features and components as the high priced models. LightSPEED even offers a trade-in program providing credit towards a new headset with the return of the old.
The options are endless for aviation headsets, but whether purchasing a first or fifth pair, it is an important investment for any pilot. Take time to research the best product for your budget and performance needs, read reviews and take advantage of the manufacturer’s trade-in and risk-free trial offers to make a sound purchase. Choosing the right headset will last for many hours of flight time and provide the proper protection and sound quality that pilot’s need.