The key to understanding the significance of the current Astrological events which will continue through 2010 to 2012 lies in understanding the polarities of the signs that are involved, particularly the Cancer-Capricorn polarity.
These challenging times bring us an opportunity to come together and wake up. Whatever happens in terms of political and world events will be a huge wake-up call inviting us to be ‘with’ one another in empathy and compassion (Cancer). But first we will be ‘squeezed’ because we are so resistant to changing our old ways. These ‘old ways’ took us too far into the Capricorn end of the pole: and at the lowest egoic excesses of Capricorn at that. This led to abuses of power, government, authority and the mis-management of the world’s resources.
The grand cross on June 26th, with a full-moon and lunar eclipse, was a very powerful collection of energy that was all about change: service, healing, the breaking down of old systems: political, banking, corporate and institutions. Dysfunctional systems: old organisational and governmental structures (Capricorn) which are no longer working for the benefit of humanity are dissolving as their corruptness, ineptitude and any other dark, hidden aspects are raised to the light (Pluto brings that which is hidden from the depths up to the light) for healing and transformation. Pluto which is, by the way, in the seventh house ruled by Libra and ‘right human relations’. It is time for Capricorn the great resource manager of the zodiac to rise to a higher vibration, show the true Capricorn colors and ‘do the right thing’ in it’s relationship with humanity. This means a major revolution in all governmental systems as justice, ethics, harmony and re-balancing (Libra) are brought to bear on how we manage the world’s resources, and indeed how we manage our human resources to better care for ourselves and our planet (Cancer-Capricorn).
The attitude of ‘we are being attacked’, and ‘something is happening to us’ is old Piscean victim consciousness. It is time to awaken to our power. Attributing all of our problems to ‘conspiracy theory’ is a distraction and a huge denial of our own role in it.
‘It wasn’t me, it was them’. The ‘us and them’ duality of the politicians is no longer appropriate. We have a long way to go before the majority of people will experience ‘unity consciousness’ (the highest vibration of Pisces) but the Age of Aquarius will lead us there, and it will lead us there through the higher Aquarian values of humanitarianism in alignment with the highest vibration of Aquarius’ opposite sign Leo: the path of self-realization. The dual approach of ‘valuing the importance of the individual, and self-transformation’ (Leo), while ‘focusing our energies toward humanitarian ends’ (Aquarius). This is very different from the lower Piscean vibration: a ‘shoal-of-fish’ idea of selfless service, with people as faceless components in a collective, cogs in a wheel. Communism rose at the tail end of the Pisces era. The ‘selfless’ service of the future will not come as a result of suppressing the individual self, but as a result of true liberation of the mind, and transcending the self. Very different.
Nietsche spoke of three stages in the evolution of consciousness: the camel, the lion and the child. The camel is still asleep, part of the herd, going along and trusting its’ master to take care of its’ needs. The lion awakens and roars: What about me, The lion is an individual. The lion breaks free from the group mentality, ‘mob consciousness’, and walks alone. Then through walking alone, standing alone, being an individual, taking responsibility for ones’ spiritual development, one awakens into the child: the laughing, dancing, free spirit that (through personal experience) knows itself to be “a true individual ‘indivisible’ from the whole”. (paraphrased from OSHO’s Zen tarot)
The events that happen around this Grand Cross will cause us to question how much we can trust those to whom we give over our power: our governments and institutions. We give over our health to doctors, we abdicate our personal responsibility, and then we want to ‘sue’ somebody when things go wrong. We allow ourselves to be victims: we are camels indeed!
Aquarius is calling us up to take personal responsibility: to be powerful individuals working in service for humanity, not for a faceless ‘collective’.
Some Astrologers are suggesting this is a time to keep your head down, ride it through and ‘go with the flow’. Well, it is certainly not a time for resisting what is happening. However, it is a time to take responsibility and stand in our personal power. Not like King Canute who is unrealistically trying to hold back the waves: likewise, when the Tsunami is coming, if you stay on the beach and do nothing, you’ll be washed away. It is time for action but appropriate, conscious, action. Action whereby you narrow your focus: look to your ‘field of influence’ as Stephen Covey put it (in “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”). To stop worrying over the things you can’t influence and really put your energy into those things where you can make a difference. And you can. We all can.
“It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little.” -Sydney Smith
Saint Francis of Assisi said “do small things and do them well” The 6th house ruled by Virgo (Pisces’ opposite sign) knows that the secret of health and healing lies not in grand heroic gestures, but small consistent action, paying attention to the details.
Cancer is the sign of emotional intelligence. Too much is written of Cancers lower vibrational traits of being overly nurturing, attached to the home and possibly even smothering. These times call us all to ‘quantum leap’ to the highest of who we are. Let’s look at what the highest of what Cancer has to offer: compassion and empathy in action. Let’s not forget that Cancer is, after all, a cardinal sign: cardinal signs take the lead, take the initiative and pioneer new ways of being and doing. No accident that more Nurses are Cancerian than any other sign. Could you imagine managing an ER department, Or caring for three children under 5, Cancer can do it. With ease, grace, justice and above all, empathy and compassion. When the chips are down Mother Cancer gets her priorities right.
On August 6th 2010 we have a true Cardinal Cross: when the moon in Cancer moves into the 4th house (ruled by Cancer). What has been stirring up our fear and emotions from the June 26 Grand Cross and before now has an opportunity to carve out a new way. Cancer comes in to take the lead emotionally, without ‘smothering us’. Because we are not victims, we are not babies, we are grown up now – the Sun in Leo in the 6th house of Virgo: the true Self, is healing. Cancer steps in to show us a way forward: how to get our priorities right. On August 6th when the Sun is in Leo: Mother Cancer comes home to, compassionately, show her spoilt children how to grow up and live responsibly.
Once we have balance in the Aquarius-Leo axis, we will have strong self-realized individuals who know their self-value and how to work for the greater good of humanity. A balanced Cancer-Capricorn axis will allow us to use our emotional intelligence and great compassion to balance the world’s resources for the benefit of all.
These are interesting times indeed, and the key to understanding these changes lies in understanding the higher vibrations of each sign and the balancing of the polarities, as we each raise our own individual vibration and consciousness.