Balancing the sizes and styles of restaurant tables enables you to make sure your guests do not have to wait to get seated. It you have a fast-food restaurant, you do not have to worry about the dining space because the tables can accommodate a lot of visitors. Similarly, caf,� tables are smaller. However, family dinners require large tables.
Since different restaurants require different tables, it is important to know how to select the most suitable tables for your restaurant. Have a look below to know about the brands of various styles.
Tables with Table Top and Base
These kinds of tables are used to provide seating to two to four people. It is also a popular style of restaurant tables. These restaurant tables are available in two parts, i.e. slab bases, and tabletops. You can choose from a variety of restaurant table tops and bases.
Each tabletop is available in a different finish. Some examples are wood, laminate, granite, and resin. If you want to enhance the brand image of your restaurant, then you can simply buy customized restaurant table tops with the restaurant logo printed on the top. It will look unique too.
Similarly, slab bases also have a wide variety of styles. You can choose slab bases made of aluminum, cast iron, or stainless steel.
Booths create a unique dining experience for restaurant guests. Therefore, they can add value to your restaurant. You can also place booths at the middle of your restaurant. People prefer to have a secured tabletop around the booth. So, you can also go for that.
Dining Tables for Families
If your guests want to throw a party for a lot of people, then it is important for your restaurant to have dining tables. Dining slabs are large-sized tables on which a total of eight to ten guests can easily be seated. These slabs have round and rectangular shapes. In order to have an appealing interior of your restaurant, you can place both round-shaped and rectangular- shaped dining tables.
Outdoor Tables
Many restaurants are positioned well as outdoor restaurants. They require a separate type of table, i.e. patio tables. When choosing a set of outdoor tables for your restaurant, make sure you consider their material. You can buy restaurant tables made of aluminum, wrought iron, or wicker.
You can also buy umbrellas for those slabs. Umbrellas will add beauty to those tables. Secondly, your guests will be able to enjoy the sunny day.