Fundraising has changed dramatically over the last few years, and the methods used for engaging corporate fundraising have become clearer.
The most important thing for a charity to do is identify your unique selling point to make your idea stand out and really entice people into getting involved in something special. Think outside of the box and don’t go for the obvious ideas that everyone else usually does. Consider why the company would want to support your organisation and what things would make them want to donate to you rather than one of your competitors. Outline how their donations and involvement will benefit the company itself and sell this aspect to them as much as possible. Make sure your pitch is positive, enthusiastic, truthful, persuasive and backed up with facts and figures. These are all very important in gaining their support.
Always do your research about the company before you first make contact with a potential sponsor. Look at their company aims and objectives so you can see if you’d be a good match to work with them. In your pitch, include these points and how their involvement in the charity could fulfil them. If you show you know various facts about their organisation then you will gain their interest, trust and respect, because it proves you are interested in them specifically and not just contacting as many people as possible.
Think about what you can offer to your corporate sponsor. Some companies don’t expect to receive anything in return, as simply their reputation is boosted from the charitable giving work that they do, and leads to increased sales and support anyway. However, if you do offer something back, it should make you a front runner against other charities also trying to gain their support.
Many businesses just want to donate because they believe in the concept of supporting a local community, or perhaps the cause ties in with their objectives. Others will just want to increase their profile and kudos, whereas others will want to boost their corporate social responsibility credentials. The rest may just want to increase their work force’s morale and give them a reason to work hard. Volunteering activities can also be set up to help with this. Its really important that you find out what the reason they might want to be involved is, as early as possible, so you can tailor your pitch to them and figure out what you’re able to offer.
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