It will take more than a day or two to adjust to your new hearing aid. Try not to be discouraged with the length of time it takes. Do your best to be adaptive, and before you know it you will be accustomed to how it works and how it feels in your ear.
To help make the adjustment period smooth and rapid, learn all of the features that the device you selected comes with. After you purchase the device, do not rush away from the audiologist’s office immediately. Instead, stay awhile and let him or her show you how each and every feature works.
Practice makes perfect so practice replacing the batteries in the device. It also helps to practice being able to identify which hearing aid is for your left ear and which one is for your right. You also need to practice cleaning the auditory equipment. Get the specialist to show you the proper method of doing that.
Learn to adjust to how the hearing aid sounds in different environments, such as a crowded room as opposed to your backyard. Before you leave with the device to head for home, ask if a staff member can come outside and talk to you so you will have a good idea of how voices sound when traffic is going by.
Be patient with yourself. Do not overdo the wearing of your hearing aid at first. Some individuals find hearing devices uncomfortable in the very beginning. Ask what time span you should wear the auditory equipment for each day while you are going through the adjustment stage. The kind of equipment you have will determine how long it takes for you to get used to it. For some models it will only be a few days, while for others it may take longer.
The use of a device for a hearing impairment will alter the way your own voice sounds to you. At first, it will seem strange but most wearers get used to it over time and hardly notice anything is different after that. If you find that you are not becoming familiar with your own voice change, the hearing care provider may be able to make an adjustment for you.
The background noise on your device may be louder than you want it to be. There may also be sounds that come through too loudly. If either of these scenarios occurs, speak to the audiologist about it. He or she can try to fix the problem for you.
A hearing aid will not make your hearing exactly like it used to be. With this in mind, you need to practice listening as carefully as possible to what the person you are speaking with is saying. The better your communication skills are, the easier it will be for you to adjust to your new device.