I will bet you all have heard of the Anchor Bar. But do you know about Chefs Restaurant, Just in case you have not let me be the first to introduce you.
This restaurant is all about great food and has an atmosphere that enhances every dining experience. The downtown location is out of the way but still convenient for all you good people to meet. Everyone in Buffalo love Chefs.
What a culinary delight. Start your meal with a special salad or why not just go for it. Carbohydrates be dammed bring on the pasta. This is a taste of Buffalo that cannot be described or forgotten.
Bring on the angel hair pasta and sweet mouth watering sauce. Like cheese, OK. Go for the Spaghetti parm. What you will be delighted with is a plate of pasta with a slab of mozzarella melted over it. This is just delicious!
The serving portions are just right for anyone and don’t forget to order a meatball on the side. Take a good look around the dining room to see the pictures of the entire cast of well know of people that have dined at Chefs. You will flash back to this pasta and meat ball combo anytime you think of Italian dining.
You won’t leave Chefs hungry! If you do it is your fault there is more than enough for anyone’s hearty appetite. You can only find Chefs Restaurant in Buffalo New York located at 291 Seneca Street. The dining area is large but it does get a crowd so phone ahead 716-856-9187.
Don’t miss this one, try it today.