9 Blessings and How We Took Our “Ask” Everywhere!

My best friend June Edward’s said she was going to make a trip to St. Croix as she had some friends that were looking to grow our business. She said that everyone sounded excited and they were going to have Tastings every day over the weekend. I looked at my schedule and said I’d love to come along. We planned for the Memorial Weekend without a clue if anyone would attend the meetings but by faith and prayer we went on our way.

The morning of the trip we had to leave Naples, Florida at 4:30am. I asked June to call me that morning as I went to sleep at 2:00am from a busy night at my home Nursing job. She called and I didn’t hear the phone but it continued to beep as she left a message. I woke up to the beep and shortly afterwards we were on our way by 4:45am. Our flight from Ft. Lauderdale was departing at 7:40am and we arrived at the airport at 6:15am.

The line for check in was a mile long and we joined the outside line. I overheard someone say that International flights are inside. I went up to the counter and asked if we needed to join the line inside and was told yes! We joined the next line that was so long it was out into the front doors. We patiently waited and prayed that we were going to make our flight. Spirit Attendants passed by and called out different countries and they passed us and called out San Juan, PR. We said we were going there and they took us in the Express Checkout. We made it through checkout and got to the Security Check point. At this point we were asked what flight we were going on and were given the blessing of getting priority for checking through the Security point. The Ft. Lauderdale Security guys expressed their love of our Drink and we discussed our future trip! It was like a big family! We continued to our terminal and our plane was boarding when we arrived. Quickly we took our seats and made the flight. Blessing #1 was accomplished.

We arrived in San Juan and were directed to our baggage pickup and then made our way to American Eagle to fly to St. Croix. When we arrived at the checkin counter the Agent told us our flight had already departed. We couldn’t believe it as we had not been in a hurry thinking we had plenty of time. She said that we were lucky because she has availability on the next flight but usually it is all booked. The next flight was in 45 minutes and we had to go through Security and find our Terminal.

We arrived at the Security Check point and it was so full of people that we asked the attendee if they could help us as we didn’t want to miss our flight. The doors opened from inside and out came this man in a Red shirt. We were told to follow him and he would take us to our destination. We followed the man in red and were brought to a Security Checkpoint that had no line. We breezed through the checkpoint and started to look at where we had to go to get to our terminal. A man on a shuttle cart came by and asked people that were walking if they would like a ride. I usually don’t take these carts but felt that it would be a good idea as we had not determined where our terminal was at this point. We got on the cart and were shuttled about what seemed like 2 miles to the terminal. Without this shuttle cart we would not have made our flight. We arrived just 2 minutes before our flight departure. We were so hungry and Dian quickly grabbed something for us to eat. Blessing #2 was accomplished.

We arrived in St. Croix and were picked up by our friends as they had borrowed a car from Antonia’s friend Ann! Thanks Ann! On our way we discussed how many people they had networked with and what the feeling was on the island. I told them that we would be happy with 10 new members for our team!We arrived at our hotel the Frederiksted Hotel and were offered a better price than what we had reserved. The day was beautiful and we went around the area to post our meeting flyers and educate people about Juice. Each person we talked with seemed to have a personal connection with LovingJay and as far as she was concerned her Nutritional Business was the way people were going. We went to a wonderful local lunch and discussed about renting a car for the weekend. Antonia used to work for a car rental company and so we went there for our car. We arrived and they only had two cars left and it was going to cost us $45.00 per day for a 3 day rental. We asked if they had any specials and gave them a taste of our Drink! Dian talked with the owner and he said go ahead and give them the $99 weekend special! We had our 3rd blessing.

Driving in St. Croix is on the left so our wonderful friend Alicia was our driver. Blessing number 4 was provided.

We as a team worked on educating people about our Nutritional Drink and went to our Tasting Presentation at the school for 6pm. Thanks to Alicia’s sister we were able to use the school for free! We had a nice turn out with all heads counted around 17 people!

The next day we decided to enjoy the morning and went to our Open meetings at the school but it was a weekend day and not to much traffic so we changed it to a training session. We then made phone calls to people and June spoke to her brother and he had a few contacts for her to call. She was able to educate a girl in St. Thomas over the phone and she enrolled on our team.

Through her cousin Ashby he gave us a few contacts and through them we were able to get the phone number of LovingJay, the most popular woman of the island! We chose Dian to call her and during the phone conversation he asked if we could just meet her as we had heard so much about her. She said yes and we went to her house for a 4:00pm appointment. Not to be funny but she is truly the most loving person I have met. Her smile lights up the sky and she shared with us her thoughts about our drink and how we could work as a Team together in this business. We are a close group and do everything to help each other. She said she would love to join our team and we got her enrolled right on the spot. Our 5th Blessing had taken place.

We were so excited that LovingJay had joined our team and so we left there to head home but Alicia had a relative to visit before she took us to the hotel. We stopped at Agnus & Mervin Georges house and were instantly welcomed as true friends. We started talking about our Nutritional Beverage because Mervin’s back has been bothering him and went into a full discussion and they decided this was worth pursuing and joined our team. After we left their house Agnus brought us to her brothers home and he was given a Tasting and is trying the juice. Our Agnus had become the fastest Star in St. Croix! We gave her a cheer of Congratulations! We then went home around midnight so excited from our wonderful day! Blessing number 6.

The next day brought us a beautiful Sunday and we wanted to attend a local church! Agnes called letting us know that her church would like to hear about the Health Drink after the service. They were going to send us Darius Benjamin a wonderful man that would drive us to the church! Blessing number 7. We arrived at the church and enjoyed a wonderful sermon on Faith and Prayer! After the service Dian gave a ten minute education and then we played the movie! After the video we talked with so many people and gave a bottles worth of tastings!

We left the church with so much joy and went to our afternoon meeting at the Drive Inn. The Drive Inn brought about 40 people that listened to the Story and enjoyed a free tasting. We left that afternoon with a sense of fulfillment and knew that we had planted seeds of Nutritional Health and ways they could educate others and receive a wonderful compensation. We then went to LovingJay and June was given a free consultation for her new journey on her beautiful body! We left and provided training to family members so they could provide this training to others on the island! Our day had been filled with new faces and experiences that were truly amazing and a true family in St. Croix has been established.

Our flight was going to be leaving at 12:40pm and the hotel Manager Mr. Trouchard had been thinking about joining our Team. He decided that he would join us and before we left we were able to get him signed in as the newest member. This made him our 10th member and if you remember in the beginning of this story I had asked for 10 new members! Blessing number 8.

Our trip went smoothly and we had no trouble catching each flight! We arrived home safely with our hopes and desires for our new team members in St. Croix to soon be enjoying the juice. Blessing number 9 had been accomplished!

If you have enjoyed this message of blessings we hope you are blessed too! We pray everyday for our sisters and brothers in our Nutritional Drink business that they can be successful and go out and Drink It, Feel It, and Share It! It just takes you to ask someone what you would like and your purpose can be answered.

Source by Nicole Flothe