Planning an event for your company, whether a day-long seminar or a weekend conference, can become a daunting task if you are not prepared. You and your planning committee must take on the responsibility of acquiring discounted accommodations for travelers, catering service for meals, scheduling guest speakers and panels, and sponsors to assist in covering some costs. Event sponsors have the advantage of advertising their products and services at your conference or seminar, while you get the funds needed to cover the cost of supplies – tote bags, pens, etc. – and social opportunities. How do you find companies or individuals to step up and offer their money, though,
Finding the right companies for your event will largely depend upon a number of factors covered below. These are great ideas to consider if you are in need of suitable sponsorship.
1) Start at home base. If yours is the type of business that works with others, definitely approach the people you know so they are aware of sponsorship opportunities. It makes sense for clients and associates close to you to want first choice at putting their name on a keynote dinner or breakfast social.
2) Approach businesses relevant to your industry. There may be a number of companies within your industry interested in making their brands known to your conferees. You may not work with them exclusively, but such an event may help establish
3) Approach businesses relevant to your event location. Does your annual event travel to different cities, You may find it challenging planning a conference in a place where you don’t live, but this may allow you the chance to contact area businesses for sponsorship. Restaurants and shops near the venue may be willing to offer incentives for conferees to patronize them while they are in town, and may see your conference as a way of boosting tourism.
4) Study similar events for ideas. Take to the Internet and research similar seminars and conferences. Usually on the official sites you will find a page or section reserved for sponsor logos. If a company has sponsored one event, they may consider yours as well.
5) Advertise! When all else fails, let everybody know at your company that sponsorship opportunities are available. Ultimately people within your circle of influence will know of somebody with advertising dollars to give you.
With the right sponsors backing your event, you will find planning happens more smoothly. You give these companies a chance to shine and promote their brands, while those attending your conference benefit from their generosity.