Thanksgiving is a HUGE day for restaurants. Is your favorite restaurant having a Thanksgiving day special, How did you find out about it, Was it through the restaurant website, by email, social networking website, or by visiting the restaurant, If your restaurant website is equipped with the right tools, it can help get the word out about your Thanksgiving day specials. Here are 5 advantages of having a website for your restaurant on Thanksgiving.
1. Offer specials on your website. Your restaurant website is a great place to advertise your Thanksgiving day specials. According to Google, there are about 246,000 searches for “NJ Restaurant” per month. That’s about 8,200 searches per day. Don’t you want to get in on some of those searches, Since most restaurants specialize in 1 type of food, ranking highly in local searches for that term can be quite easy, as long as you have a good website.
2. Offer even better specials to mailing list subscribers. Your mailing list subscribers are like website visitors, but better. They are people who want to be updated about your specials and events. So if you haven’t already, think of a special offer for your mailing list subscribers and send it out early so they get the first chance to make reservations
3. Early reservations. Making reservations for Thanksgiving day can be tough if you don’t get to it early. So why not make it as easy as possible to make reservations on your website. If a visitor was looking for Thanksgiving day specials and found your restaurant website, you are already half way there to having them in the restaurant.
4. Post your Thanksgiving day menu. If you’re restaurant is open on Thanksgiving, you’re most likely offering a special menu. Let people know about your special menu on your website. This is great for search engine optimization because anyone who may be searching for what you’re offering will be able to find it more easily.
5. Sharing is caring. Most importantly, having your Thanksgiving day specials on your website allows visitors to share your specials with their friends. I believe the best way to spread to word about something is through word of mouth and referrals. Your website is 1 of the easiest ways to share information.
These 5 benefits of having a restaurant website can help you increase your business when you have a special menu or offer. But if your website has not be developed to handle these activities you could be losing out.