Imagine getting a super star celebrity to come to your event for free or at a really reduced price. Can you imaging the attraction that would be at your next event,
Celebrities come in all shapes and sizes and of course corresponding costs. Even local celebrities can be expensive.
But there are ways that you can reduce the cost to your company and still have these stars at your events:
1) Get A Sponsor
There are a lot of companies looking for new and unique ways to promote themselves these days. Competition is high and they are always looking for the edge over their competition so they may be very willing to foot the bill for you. The publicity could be substantial for them.
This will be specially true if the celebrity has a certain charity or advocacy that is in alignment with the company and they may want to support each other.
2) Book Early
There is nothing better than being fully booked weeks or even months in advance. It reduces marketing and advertising costs for the entertainer and gives them peace of mind for the future. If you book in advance, they will often give you discounts so that they can get all their bookings planned out.
If you can offer them a series of shows even better leverage to play with. See if other companies or groups may be interested in having events after yours with the same celebrity to give more bookings at the same time. (Notice I said “after” your event!)
3) Look For Cancelled Events
If you can find out about events that have been canceled you maybe able to negotiate super deals with the celebrities as all of a sudden they have a gaping hole in their schedule and in their bank balance.
If you can save their day, they will most likely be very willing to pay in good with a discount to you.
4) Link To A Charity
Linking an event to a charity is a win-win-win situation for everyone.
The charity gets help, the celebrity gets to be seen as sympathetic to the audience and you also get better deals, however make sure that your celebrity really believes in the charity.
There would be little point in having “The Marlboro Man” promoting healthy living and similar causes. It just is not in alignment with the messages being put out.
I think also you should be a believer in the cause or the charity. Do not misuse charities to advance yourself, but if used correctly can be a great way of promoting everyone and reducing cost.