Are you planning a corporate event in the near future, If so, here are 10 steps to making it a great event.
1. The first thing to consider is what the party is for. This will determine how formal you want the event to be and the style of venue you want.
2. Once you know the reason for the party, you can also start to draw up an invite list. It’s a good idea to discuss this with other people to make sure nobody is overlooked.
3. Depending on the nature of the party, you may be able to ascertain a rough number for how many of your invitees will attend. This may be helpful when it comes to searching for and booking a venue.
4. Next you need to think about the location for the party. This will depend on many factors, including where you are based, where your guests will be travelling from and which cities have venues suitable for your event.
5. Draw up a shortlist of potential venues in the city you choose. For instance, you may want to look at bars in London or clubs in Liverpool. Either way, make a list and check each one out online.
6. Before you choose your venue, you need to think about food. Will you want snacks, Light bites, A buffet, A sit down meal, Identify which bars have the right catering facilities.
7. Providing you’re happy with one of the venues, check the cost per head and make sure it’s within your budget.
8. Next, check availability at the bar. For this, you may need rough numbers for how many people will attend.
9. Once you’re satisfied, secure your booking. Some venues will be happy to take a name, others will ask for a deposit.
10. Finally, you need to invite everyone. Give them plenty of notice and explain how to get to and from the venue. An RSVP may be helpful as it will help you manage your expectations for the event.
Are you booking a corporate party, If so, do your research on venues that are perfect for corporate events.